One of my goals for 2019 is to cook more. I love to cook, and cook at least 5, usually 6 days a week. We very rarely eat out, but sometimes it feels like we are in a rut of cooking the same stuff over and over. It gets boring. And when it gets boring, the kids start complaining. “Not pork chops again!” “Can we just go out to eat?”

A year or so ago, we got Hello Fresh for a couple of months, and the thing we loved most about that was that we got new recipes every single week! The girls loved it. I’m fortunate because they are not picky eaters. They will try anything, and they love variety. They also love to cook with me.

So new year, new goal. It gets expensive to do Hello Fresh every week, so I want to keep things from getting boring at mealtime and keep trying a variety of meals on a regular basis. So my goal is to try a new recipe every week this year. It may not be a fancy or particularly culinary masterpiece, it just has to be a recipe that I have never made before.

I am starting to write about these recipes so I don’t forget what we have tried, and to help me keep up with this goal. It is already 3 weeks into the year, and I am ahead. I didn’t take pics of my first 4 recipes, but when I cook them again, I will be sure to do that.

Week 1: Frittata I had cilantro, jalapeno, and guacomole left of ver after new years, so I made a Mexican Frittata on July 2. I basically just added what I had on hand, onions, bell peppers, and the above ingredients along with bacon. It was delicious.

Week 2: Salisbury Steak. I often make ground hamburger with white grave and mashed potatoes, but I needed something different to do with hamburger. I was surprised at how easy salisbury steak with onion gravy is to make. Mackenzie complained that I did not make enough.

Week 3: This was a busy week with 4-H stock show going on, but I got my recipe in. I made Skillet Chicken with Creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce from Sally’s Baking Blog (one of my favorite cooking sites). This was quick and easy and very flavorful.

Week 4: So far this is my favorite recipe of all. I made the Pioneer Woman’s Orange Chicken. Chinese food is my favorite type of food, so when my girls said, “This tastes better than what you would get at a restaurant,” I was thrilled! They have actually asked me to make this again tonight. Two nights in a row! I’m all for that. I’ll try to get pics tonight.

So follow along as I try to stick with my goal of finding new recipes and adding variety to our busy weeknight meals.

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