Let’s Teach:  Parts of Speech Part 2

Let’s Teach: Parts of Speech Part 2

As I was going through some files this weekend, I came across an old color coded parts of speech activity that I used several years ago.  My first thought was, “How in the world did I forget about this?”  It was always a fun station activity for students.  I don’t know how good ideas get hidden in all the files, but they do.  I was glad to find this activity.

Color Coded Parts of Speech
My original color coded parts of speech

As you can see, my original activity was a mess.  Not all the colors matched because I got in too big of a hurry and had to white-out so many mistakes.  

So I knew I was going to have to recreate this if I wanted to share it with my teachers.

After a couple of hours, I came up with a nice graphic organizer and was able to recreate my original with fewer mistakes.  

I love this activity because it is easy to set up for a grammar station.  I put random words in a bucket.  Students will draw one word and build a simple sentence around that word.  They then start building their sentence to include adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.  

This activity can be frustrating for students if they make a mistake, but I always try to reassure them it is ok to draw a line through your mistake and try again.  They also learn to really think about the words they are writing down and color coding. 

Later in the year, this activity can be adjusted to include compound and complex sentences. 

Click here to get your free Color Coded Parts of Speech activity!

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